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Welcome to Safar's Digital Learning Platform

Online Active Blended Interactive Learning

Blended Learning Platform

Supplements our tried and tested syllabus mastered over 20 years, complementing the face to face traditional teaching model.


Micro-content and activities for each topic. The multiple micro-activities per topic facilitate mastery of the topic

Empower teachers ato utilise online learning

Engage with the ‘smart device generation’ of young learners. Make lessons interactive and fun whilst using technology inside and outside the classroom.

Empowering students to access sacred knowledge online

Offering wide range of activities and engaging assessment on topics to make learning fun and enjoyable.

Engaging gamification and rewards systems

Encourages self-learning through points, badges, rewards, ranks, certificates and achievements. 

Your input and active feedback is crucial

Your feedback is critical in shaping the learning experience of a student

Every word recited/good deed acted upon will class as a Sadaqah Jaariyah

You have been carefully selected so we get a diverse range of feedback

This allows us to have a universal appeal for the khayr (goodness) to spread far and wide.

Each child flourishes in a learning environment that suits them

Your feedback will allow us to cater to various learning styles to ensure the student and learning experience is at the heart of the platform.

Your feedback will help preserve sacred learning in the digital space

It will allow us to offer an authentic, engaging learning experience to students globally online, on tablets and smartphones

Your active feedback will allow us to use resources efficiently

This results in lower set up costs which can be passed on to end-user inshaAllah.
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